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Over the last decade, Burberry have put a heavy focus on digital marketing. Over 60% of their marketing budget is now spent on digital media, a percentage that comfortably outdoes every other luxury fashion brand. Over the years their social channels have become the centerpiece of this digital strategy, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram forming their main points of focus.

Facebook is Burberry’s most popular account, with over 17 million likes. This puts them only marginally behind Louis Vuitton (18 million) and Chanel (17 million) in terms of most followed luxury brands, and until recently, they owned the top spot. Burberry posts quite sparingly, averaging an update every 3-4 days.


This focus has been generously rewarded, with Burberry sitting in the top 3 most followed luxury brands on Facebook and Twitter, and in the top 10 on Instagram. No mean feat when you’re competing with the likes of Chanel, Dior and Gucci; noted luxury brand superpowers.

The content Burberry use for Facebook is essentially a highlights package of their Twitter feed. They save it for large announcements, or high production value videos. The engagement is solid, with each post enjoying a few thousand likes.


LUXE Digital Now garnered Facebook specific features utilized well by Burberry. These new lines are announced with a Facebook album’s worth of images for each new campaign launched.

Image by Flaunter
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