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UX, Design, Content Strategy, Development, Marketing, Analytics

Carlton International (CI) has grown quickly to nearly 100 properties under management. Wanting to continue this growth and increase lead volume, they began looking for a partner to help them rebrand their properties and develop a new website that could tell the CI story. CI wanted to be sure that they stayed on the leading edge of digital.

In order to elevate the CI experience, we needed to refresh brand design, eliminate inconsistencies, reemphasize our users’ key activities, and employ current digital best practices.


We started by updating the brand’s look and feel so CI would better resonate with their desired audiences. With a refined user experience and content strategy, we coupled brand storytelling with activities that drive conversion. Research-based customer segmentation allowed us to prioritize the right information in the right place so this could be more easily search for and learn about properties matching their unique needs.

Image by Camille Brodard
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