LUXE Digital Now is proud to present LIQUID BEAUTY AI with our leading specialty AR/AI system for the retailer in beauty sector with our new 3D augmented reality mirror that simulates cosmetics on a user’s face photo-realistically in real-time, with expectations to transform how women shop for cosmetics.

LIQUID BEAUTY AI is an augmented reality technology, which expects to make color testing easier by simulating makeup products on a user’s face to show what they would look like in real-time and without having to upload a photo. Created by LUXE Digital Now, the technology is also being introduced to standalone retail kiosks equipped with a touchscreen monitor and camera, as well as a mobile application that can be used on tablets at beauty counters or on consumers’ own handheld devices. While 2D try-on tech has been increasing in popularity among online and in-store merchants, LIQUID BEAUTY AI in 3D is a naturally progressive step.


*Patented Technology


LUXE Digital Now - Liquid Beauty AI.webp